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" Wallnut creating bond with Tile & Stone Industry. "


Indian Tile & Stone fixing Industry has mostly been using foreign products and technology for fixing of tiles & stone at site. In recent years, due to increasing demand, foreign companies have started manufacturing these products in India. However, major market is still using traditional methods and materials to fix tiles & stone on walls and floors. The industry is also witnessing accelerated change and rapid introduction of new quality of Tiles & Stone that seem to be difficult in handling and fix at site. With rapid change in building making technology and introduction of various substrates along with varieties of modern tile & stone, simply using traditional method is proving to be ineffective for fixing these modern materials.

Wallnut is India's first fully indigenous company, bringing in exclusive range of comprehensive products st which can cater to real needs of Indian Tile & Stone fixing Industry. The 1 phase of Wallnut technical product addresses the basic need of block mortar, economically viable general purpose tile adhesive, ready to use mortar for floor screed and slurry adhesive involving major use extensively. From high performance perspective, Wallnut products are designed for situations and applications such as external facings, swimming pools and industrial floors to fix almost all kind of Tiles & Stone. Wallnut product range is highly localized using local raw material along with best available international chemicals. The final product with this combination is fully suitable and compatible to perform under distinctive atmospheric and temperature conditions in India. Moreover, Wallnut products surpass all quality tests beyond the customer expectations in the long term too.

Wallnut made this technology possible due to its rich knowledge and background experience of 25 years in Indian and International market with full understanding of Tile & Stone fixing industry. Such vast experience of the company will benefit the customers in satisfying their real needs in the long run. The customers expecting simple and local solutions which could perform in a simple way at site can rely 100% upon Wallnut.

Wallnut do promise to all its customers, that its products not only balance between the Right Cost and Quality but also customers making request for customized solutions can look beyond the proposition.

Wallnut will continue its journey to innovate further to meet needs and expectations from building & construction professionals as well as to fulfill the demanding needs of growing Indian Tile & Stone industry in coming years and beyond.

Founder & CEO

Who We Are

  • Wallnut truly believes in creating bond with its customer & all stake holders by providing best of products, solution and services. Thus, Wallnut main tagline says “Creates Bonds, Forever”
  • Wallnut is the first fully indigenous company, providing the product range at par with international quality in India for fixing tile & stone.
  • Wallnut is having rich experience of more than 25 years in Indian & International market of tile & stone industry.
  • Wallnut provides simple & economical but best solution to tile & stone fixing Industry.
  • Wallnut introduces 1st time in Industry the innovative full range of products & solutions for Tile & Stone industry.
  • Tile & Stone finishes installed with Wallnut products not only lasts long but customer can rely upon future service and guarantee also.


Utilizing rich experience of Wallnut heritage and having deep understanding of Indian Tile & Stone market, Wallnut wants to transform Indian Tile & Stone fixing industry by introducing innovative quality material and services to meet all expectations of end users and customers.

Wallnut wants to lead in introducing products and solutions not existing before, to meet rising aspirations of customers every year.

Wallnut wants to fulfill customer needs in order to have 100% effective and hassle-free guaranteed solution at site and to see that end result must transform into utmost satisfaction to all its stake holders, from decision makers to tile and stone fixers.

Finally, with continual demand for new innovations, Wallnut wants to be at the forefront of technology in the Tile & Stone fixing industry.


At Wallnut, our mission is to reach every Indian customer who relates to Tile & Stone business by introducing the best quality products and solutions along with best available technique for fixing all kinds of Tile & Stone.

To enhance Wallnut's reputation across building industry as the recognized Indian company which can provide quick solutions, services, and create a value and trust.

To improve effectiveness, Wallnut wants to engage with all decision makers, architects, builders and Tile & Stone fixers to continuously educate and support in upgrading knowledge and know-how for delivering best results at site, and creating innovative work environment for its employees.

Wallnut Technology

  • Wallnut has comprehensive product range for tile & stone fixing in compliance with EN& IS (European & Indian) standard.
  • Wallnut products, made with high quality green recycled raw material, are compatible and suitable for all kind of buildings including certified green.
  • No harmful emissions during production cycle.
  • Major source of top quality raw materials are local, used in combination with top international ingredients for best performance at site in the long term.
  • High–Tech final performance of products best suited for Indian temperature.
  • Technological range of products consist of :
  • - WallnutZeorich series of ready mortar/ screed for flooring.
    - Wallnut Lite series of economic products for every-day use.
    - WallnutCalcibond series of high quality adhesive for tile & Stone.
    - Wallnut Connect & Lock series of grouts.

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